Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sheesh! Ashes by Ilsa J. Bick

Sheesh!  Okay I got this from (totally awesome site BTW).  I request a lot from them so when I started reading it I thought "I didn't know I requested a realistic fiction?"  Sheesh, until I got to the half dead flesh eaters!  Man, I actually almost stopped reading then!  I had to go look up some reviews and see what I was reading about. All the reviews said "keep reading" so I did.  Not one regret either.  Totally great book. It can make your skin crawl in places but it is a really great book. 

Now for my totally short summary. Alex is an orphan girl with a brain tumor.  She runs away to the mountains of her youth to toss her parents ashes.  While away, the world gets shocked by a big electromagnet pulse.  If you don't die automatically one of two things happen to you. 1) You turn into a flesh-eating pseudo-zombie or 2) you hide from the flesh-eating pseudo zombies and try to survive.  Alex is in the later bunch.  She meets many good and bad people.  Told you it was simplified and short summary.

This is the start of a trio and it is totally fast paced and brain sucking---meaning you can't put it down once you commit to the ride.  So my advice is to put on your helmet, hook your seat belt and enjoy the ride.  Can't wait till the next one!  

This from a totally non-zombie lover!

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